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18 Gangster Museum Tour

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18 Gangster Museum Tour

The 18 Gangster Museum is a living museum with the single-minded purpose of turning children in poor communities away from gangs. 18G angster Museum is an installation that tells the story of  the negative choices a person made that lead them to gang life and prison. Inside the museum is a cell where an ex-offender and gang member will volunteer to “go back to prison” to tell his story of his life to help other make different choices.    

The 18 Gangster Museum builds prison museums in the heart of the communities to educate youth on the reality of gangs and prison. By having a conversation with an ex-offender and gang member who will have “gone back to prison” to tell his story, young people will receive an education from someone who has made the wrong decisions when he was their age.   

The focus of the content is to showcase the wrong choice the gangster made, and present the audience with the options the gangster wishes he had taken. These positive choices and opportunities would be showcased within the museum. 

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