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Month: November 2017

Where would you like to Gnu?

Circus Le Pearl

Quite pricey for just an hour of entertainment but enjoyable nevertheless.  I went for the gold ticket seat but I didn’t feel I necessarily got a better view for it than others.  The bicycle Chapter was very skillful however the dome design was such that it was impossible to see much of what was going…
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Artist Tina Tarrant

Tina’s work is from a special place and i’m not sure exactly where that is…. I popped over for a coffee and before i knew it a day had gone by. She avoids the limelight and turns down any public acclaim for her work. I could look at it for hours and i am sure…
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Saffron Restaurant, The Atlantis Hotel Dubai

This was my first visit to Safron and I was not disappointed. The waiting staff was helpful and attentive and there was a good variety of food of good quality.  It seemed there was something for everyone here.  The theme is international.  The dessert selection was particularly impressive and would be a delight for those…
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Super cars in London

A couple of minutes of the most expensive cars in the world being driven oround the UK’s capital city London.

Safari in Serengeti Tanzania Video

Shot in the Serengeti a really great short video showing you the best of safari’s in Africa. The music is perfect and some of the drone work is great. Say no more watch this and leave a comment!

Casino’s and gambling clubs in London Video

All the best casino’s in London with a catchy up beat sound track

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