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Month: March 2018

Where would you like to Gnu?

Milan Tour travel Gnu tg94

Milan Tour travel Gnu tg94 Milan The city of high fashion beautiful people and expensive cars

london Fire works at the Eye tg10

An amazing view of the London eye seeing in the New Year… Really great ! Join us and film, perform and enjoy give up the 9 to 5 and make your passion your life


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Your Personalised Boeing 747 series 8 Wide bodied Jet for £29.85

What an amazing way to get your message across and for only £29.85! Just choose 30 characters it can be a web site or a simple message to some one you care about. You can add this before you click the “paypal” link Send the Logo to It will appear as you send it!…
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Día de relax en las sierras de Córdoba Argentina

Pasar un buen día de relax a tan solo una hora de la ciudad de Cordoba tiene su recompensa. Visitamos Cuesta Blanca en la zona del Valle de Punilla, un pueblo a 70 km/h de la ciudad capital en sentido sur pasando Villa Carlos Paz. Un clima agradable de 20 grados celsius con baja humedad…
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Bilo restaurant

I had been craving Peshawari ice cream for ages and finall found a place in Dubai serving a version of it.  It’s not quite like the real thing but it certainly went some way to relieve my craving.  For those who have never tried a Peshawari ice cream it is creamy and textured and tastes…
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Syrianna Restaurant Cape Town

Hey I know how good the food is here because I am one of the chefs. I make Sharmas and pizza and have been here since early 2016. All the food here is Halal and you wont be surprised to learn that the owner comes from Syria! The menu is amazing and changes regularly you…
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Qesham Adventure Day 2 and 3

Sleep on a concrete floor can leave a healthy girl feeling stiff, so I decided less sleep was best.  We all stayed up late the night before and had an early 6.15am start but no body looked tired at the breakfast table. Breakfast was delightful.  There was more delicious local Iranian bread which was thin…
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The Delos Boeing 747 8 Series wide bodied Jet

If you want real inspiration on changing your life style take a look at the “Delos” page on YouTube! We support these guys on Patreon and it is the best $5 of the week! One day the GNU will set sail on a similar mission to encourage film makers, photographers and musicians. Keep…
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Quesham Island, Iran

Qesham Day 1 This was an organized trip through a Dubai based adventure travel company.  It was the perfect weekend get away and left me feeling invigorated. Day 1 started with meeting up at Costa, Dubai International Airport Terminal 2.  I was relieved that the group seemed “normal”! We made it to Gesham airport safe…
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