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Month: January 2019

Where would you like to Gnu?

Are you planning to see the Northern Lights this winter? Here are our 8 tips to get most out of your adventure!

The Northern Lights are an incredible spectacle of colorful lights, dancing in the sky causing an amazing and unique scenery. The Northern Lights are a rare sight and only seen in the most northern parts of the world. The event attracts people from all over the world and is that is for a reason. Our…
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The Worst Part of the Boat | Sailing Wisdom [S3 Ep21]

Herby and Maddie explore the island of Terceira, Azores, and decide to undertake some projects inside of the boat as well as outside! Galley refit! Did we mention Halloween in the Azores? Scott also loans us his car which gives us the freedom to drive around and get amazing footage of the island. Prepare yourself…
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How To Tie an Anchor Bend and All About THE Classic Anchor

You know this anchor, you see in tattoos, pictures, decorations, but never on a boat! This anchor goes by many names: Fisherman’s Anchor, Admiralty Anchor, Kedge Anchor, Anchor Tattoo Anchor, etc. This video discusses the parts of this anchor, what it’s uses are, and how to work the anchor. Most importantly, Herby discusses how to…
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How To Avoid Getting SCAMMED! | Sailing Wisdom

There’s a common scam that has effected many boaters recently and we are going to tell you all about how to recognize and avoid it!

The Best Hiking Tours in Norway: Preikestolen

On an annual basis, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) welcomes more visitors than any other trekking-destination in Norway. In 2016, approximately 285,000 hikers made their way up to the top of the imposing cliff that hangs 604 meters above the Lysefjord. There are different ways to experience a unique Preikestolen hiking adventure. You can visit Preikestolen yourself…
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Portofino Full Day Sea Kayak Tour

Get on a sea kayak excursion accompanied by a kayak BCU leader and environmental local guide and reach the most stunning spots of the marine protected area of Portofino. On board of your kayaks you will discover charming beautiful places rich in history, such as Portofino, Cala degli Inglesi, San Fruttuoso, Punta Chiappa, Porto Pidocchio…
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Deep Water Solo and Cliff Jumping

Inspired by the numerous questions where to do some cliff jumps from the young population we found a solution: Cliff jumping and deep water soloing! Take a ride to Kasjuni cliffs in Croatia, try different jumps from 2 to 10m height and then climb out from the sea to do some more! Deep water soloing…
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3 Days Etosha National Park (Camping Tour)

The 3 day Etosha National Park (camping) tours gives a close encounter with nature getting a memorable time with wildlife and the beautiful nature. Etosha national park is rated as one of the best national parks in Southern Africa. In this 3-day safari tour we will drive through the national park in search of wildlife.…
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Aquila Game Reserve Full Day Combo Saf

The Aquila combo safari combines a 2 to 3 hour game drive in an open safari vehicle and a 1.5 hour horseback or quad bike outride, tasty buffet breakfast and lunch. Horseback safaris are alongside horseback safari specialists, who will demonstrate and show you the wild facts of this region. A slow walk across the…
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