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30 Minute Flying Lesson

Where would you like to Gnu?

30 Minute Flying Lesson

Reach for the sky with this introductory flying lesson and soar away into the wide blue yonder.

Under expert tuition you will be able to take the controls and discover the freedom of flying, with the aircraft responding to your lightest touch. You won’t need to worry about take-off and landing, as this is carried out by the pilot. This is the perfect gift for those who crave an idyllic bird’s eye view, love to be airborne and like to put their co-ordination skills to the test.
Your 30 minute flying lesson begins with a pre-flight safety briefing with your instructor, where you will learn the thrilling effects of an aircraft’s controls and your role during this trial flying lesson. Then it’s time for your ‘walk round’ to see the main control surfaces of the aircraft. Your instructor will take-off and demonstrate some basic maneuvers, before passing the controls over to you. Your 30 minute lesson includes take-off and landing times.

*Please note that if you are over the supplier’s maximum weight limit you may be asked to pay an additional fee to cover the overall aircraft weight. Please check on booking.
Come fly with me on this flying lesson CLICK!


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