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38 Year Old Van Drives 2,000 km!

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38 Year Old Van Drives 2,000 km!

Our 38 year old van made it all the way to Southern Spain!! It was a crazy drive and there were definitely a few spots when we were scared Ody might not make it (especially on the last hill up to the house!) Though I have to say the adventures with Ody continue in the next few videos because the first week in Spain was pretty harrowing, so get ready because coming up soon we have to learn how to get Ody out of a pretty sticky situation. Question of the week: What part of the van build are you most excited for? For me, I think I’m looking most forward to designing the exact layout once we get the insulation in and know what the exact dimensions will be, but I mean putting in the kitchen??? Creating a little drawing nook? The list really goes on and on and on at this point : ) because there is still so much to do!!! #vanlife #oldmercedesvan


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