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5-Hour Table Mountain Hike with Cable Car Descent

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5-Hour Table Mountain Hike with Cable Car Descent

Enjoy a stroll through Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens at the beginning of your 5-hour Table Mountain adventure, and experience the beauty of the site. Kirstenbosch has been open to visitors for over 100 years.

From the Gardens you’ll walk to the start of the Smuts Track and then head up the mountain through indigenous forest of Skeleton Gorge. You’ll then make your way to the Hely-Hutchison Dam on the back side of Table Mountain.

From the dam your walk continues uphill gradually. From late January through February you’ll see many red disas, some of the most beautiful orchids that grow on Table Mountain. Reach the highest point on the mountain, called Maclears Beacon, and be rewarded with views over the eastern and northern sides of Table Mountain.

From this point, it’s an hour’s beautiful and flat walk to the cable car for the descent.

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