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a FISH a MONKEY and a CONFESSION – Sailing is not for

Where would you like to Gnu?

a FISH a MONKEY and a CONFESSION – Sailing is not for

Sailing around the world and in this leg we fish and get lucky, we have a monkey onboard and we speak to you from the heart on the bow after two days at sea. We are sailing Vagabonds and ocean gypsies on a mission to inspire the world to NEVER give up on your dreams. Come see what life is like on a yacht, the adventure and travel documentary continues. We homescool our 8 year old daughter as we circumnavigate this beautiful globe. Sometimes there are storms, rough seas and single handed sailing, Come follow the adventure! What is the “Whale of a Tale” – all of the footage that would have wound up on the cutting room floor. Mostly because Aubrey is super inappropriate and we are sometimes naked and afraid we cant show EVERYTHING on Youtube


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