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A Little History Lesson in Belem (Sketchbook Stories 4)

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A Little History Lesson in Belem (Sketchbook Stories 4)

Another drawing video here in #Lisbon, though in this one the voice over and the footage are shockingly opposed. We spent the day exploring the monuments of #Belem, a neighborhood a little bit outside central Lisbon. I was a little hesitant to share at first because it feels so different than anything we’ve made before, but after thinking about how important learning to question the information I was given has been in changing the trajectory of my life, I knew I had to hit publish on this video. Sometimes you might think you are looking at a beautiful statue, but in reality, you’re looking at a representation of human exploitation. I’m really curious if any of you have had similar moments to the ones I talked about in the video and how you were able to shift your worldview after realizing that you had been kept in the dark during so many years of your education. And on that note, I thought I’d bring back the question of the week: What ways do you think schools could do a better job of teaching young minds about the darker moments in history? Love from Lisbon, Dana (& Lou)


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