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American BBQ vs SA BBQ (2018)

Where would you like to Gnu?

American BBQ vs SA BBQ (2018)

American BBQ and bbq in South Africa are not the same thing! American food and little miss (our boat name) bbq learns from this tips on how to cook on a tasty braai and be a great chef! we think Gordon Ramsey should give this one a go! Its like making bread on a boat… bread boats, but different. Its called a braai pie and its made in South Africa! Its probably not gluten free! Come see what we get up to this week on Tasty Tuesday. Tasty Tuesday is a show made for you that loves to travel and eat. We live on a boat and we are sailing around the world documenting that on sailing miss lone star every Friday we release a new video of sailing content. Every Tuesday we release a Tasty Tuesday episode!


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