No. 15 St Michael's Street | Observatory | Cape Town
+44 798 5533 138

Aqua Zorbing

Where would you like to Gnu?

Aqua Zorbing

Try something different with this extreme adrenaline rush experience. You’ll be writhing around in a spherical universe where the sky is the ground and the ground is the sky and your stomach made a bid for freedom some time ago. You’ll love it!

With no harness, you’re completely free in the Zorb as you slip and slide around in the ball with thirty litres of water. Prepare to be soaked as water flies everywhere.
Upon arrival you will be met by the events team, who’ll give you a safety briefing and explain how the experience works. You’ll then enter the Zorb before being thrown down the hill for one pulse raising ride.

You can upgrade for a small fee on booking to bring extra participants to share your fun.

CLICK HERE and you will be on a roll!


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