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Are you planning to see the Northern Lights this winter? Here are our 8 tips to get most out of your adventure!

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Are you planning to see the Northern Lights this winter? Here are our 8 tips to get most out of your adventure!

The Northern Lights are an incredible spectacle of colorful lights, dancing in the sky causing an amazing and unique scenery. The Northern Lights are a rare sight and only seen in the most northern parts of the world. The event attracts people from all over the world and is that is for a reason. Our tips:

1. Stay not just one day but a couple of days 
The Aurora Borealis are a natural phenomenon, you can’t just book it and be ensured of this spectacular light festival. Make sure you stay a couple of days to increase your chances to see the Northern Lights. No guarantees but during a stay of 3 days it is very likely that at least one of those days the phenomenon is visible.

2. Get out of the city 
The darker it is outside, the more spectacle you can expect. As city environments are often spoilt with lights, we recommend you to get out of the city to have the best experience!

3. Have a guide 
Don’t go out on your own but book a guide or organized tour. A local expert knows where to go and can explain much more about the phenomena and the local context than you can read from your guide book.

4. Combine it with an outdoor activity
Watching the Northern Lights is a great experience but you can even make it more spectacular by combining it with an outdoor activity. Sailing, snowshoeing, dog sledding or snowmobiles or can be perfectly combined with a Northern Lights experience.

5. Download an app
There are quite some apps nowadays that give proper forecast of when you can expect to see the Northern Lights. Check out our favorites My Aurora Forecast, Aurora Alerts or Auroral Forecast.

6. Dress warmly
It’s winter! Check the weather before you go and make sure you are warmly dressed for your adventure. Think in layers and don’t forget to bring a hat, gloves and shawl. Watching the Northern Lights while not having properly dressed and feeling cold is not the experience you were hoping for and can end up in a big disappointment.

7. Prepare your camera
You came all the way to see the Aurora Borealis and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have a lasting memory of this spectacular phenomenon. Check your camera, charge the batteries and ensure your memory card is not full. If you have spare batteries and an extra memory card, bring those to be also prepared for the unexpected.

8. Be patient and never give up!
As mentioned above, you can’t just place an order for the Northern Lights. You need to be patient and should never give up! After being out for a long time without success your luck could turn around very quickly, even if you don’t expect it anymore. Make sure you don’t hear afterwards that the Northern Lights did show while you returned home already.

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