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Azores: Day at the Farm with Outdoor BBQ Lunch

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Azores: Day at the Farm with Outdoor BBQ Lunch

Agriculture is the main activity of the Azores, taking decisive action in the economic and social cohesion of the archipelago. The useful agricultural area (UAA) occupies about 120 thousand hectares with 13,541 farms.

The dairy sector accounts for more than 30% of national production and farms have an average size of 28.2 head. Taking into account the size and characteristics of the archipelago, it is a valuable contribution, resulting from a work of great dedication and commitment that has been made by the milk producers.

Start the day with a guided tour of a factory, where you can see the different stages of the confection of the products derived from milk and meat, visit a veal farm where you can interact with the animals, followed by an amazing outdoor lunch BBQ (traditional food, Portuguese wine), visit a dairy where you can taste the milk directly from the cow and a farm where you can participate in feeding the animals in the field.


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