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Camping Trip 35mm Film Edition, Shooting Kodak Portra Film (Snippet 15)

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Camping Trip 35mm Film Edition, Shooting Kodak Portra Film (Snippet 15)

One of our favorite things is exploring and when you pair that with practicing my new photography hobby, well its a magical combination for Snippet 15. Even though I start off this video saying that this is our second photo tutorial… it didn’t quite turn out like a tutorial, and that is okay! I think it’s easy to focus on the steps it takes to learn something new — like learning the grammar of a new language, or in this case the right f-stop/shutter speed for the light or how to focus precisely — however the most important part of learning something new is PRACTICE! You aren’t going to become a flexible yogi overnight or the next Picasso by watching one youtube tutorial. It takes hours upon hours of consistent practice to master anything. So we thought that sharing another video with me taking photos and Lou giving me tips and tricks along the way would be the perfect thing to inspire you to get out and practice whatever you are trying to learn right now!! For example, this time around we learned that a 160 film ISO is a little slow for shooting in the woods, and that it’s really hard to capture the beauty of a hiking trail in front of you because it never seems to look quite as good as when you’re there. And with that – the new weekly description question for those of you who are still reading 🙂 What skills/hobbies are you working on right now? What is the best way you’ve found to keep practicing the things you want to improve on? Thank you for watching, for reading, and for joining us here. It means the world to Lou and I to connect with each of you and we’re so grateful for your continued support. Film Camera: Canon A1 with a 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens Video Camera: Canon 5D3 with a Canon f4 24-105mm lens


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