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Cape Town: Best of the City by Night

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Cape Town: Best of the City by Night

From the Cape Town city center, take a scenic drive to the palm tree lined beach side stretch of Camps Bay. With the towering Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, Lion’s Head, and Table Mountain as a backdrop, take a break from your hectic day and enjoy a cocktail or mocktail while watching the sun set a few metres from the sandy beaches and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy the early evening view of the city as you drive along Camps Bay Drive to stop at the Table Mountain Lower Cableway Station. Here, you will have time to admire the sparkling skyline before you descend upon the City Bowl via Kloof Nek road which lies between Table Mountain and Lion’s Head.

Drive past the brightly lit Long Street as you head to a local jazz café in the City Bowl where you will unwind to the sweet sounds of local jazz musicians. Tuck into a snack platter as you soak in the intimate ambience and fantastic live music before your tour guide drops you off at your hotel.

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