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Cape Town Evening Choral Music Tour

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Cape Town Evening Choral Music Tour

This small group choral music experience takes guests into the homes of choir duos and trios in the city. South Africa has a rich choral tradition. The most famous choral group is probably the Soweto Gospel Choir, who tour all over the world, sharing the evocative harmonies of our choral tradition.

The tour explores this tradition through two intimate concerts. Part one is dinner and a home concert, and part two is a nightcap in the home of a second choir group. Some of the groups we work with include Treasured Voices, a blind gospel trio from Mfuleni, the Guguletu Gospel Stars, from Guguletu, and the Beystars Cape Malay Choir in Mitchells Plain.

The tour takes place on a scheduled basis, two nights a week, in small groups of up to 12 people. The dinner session is about 90 minutes, the nightcap around 60 minutes. There is a bit of distance to be covered: around 35 minutes from the city to the 1st home, 20 minutes from the 1st to the 2nd home, and another 35 minutes from the final home back to the city, for a tour of about 4 hours.

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