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Cape Town: Half-Day Township Cycling Tour

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Cape Town: Half-Day Township Cycling Tour

Get to know one of South Africa’s largest townships, Khayelitsha, a dynamic young community finding inspiration in cycling and sport.

Begin your tour with a shuttle to the Velokhaya BMX Oval where you will meet your hosts for the afternoon, a group of local youth.

The Velokhaya BMX Oval is in the heart of Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s largest township and the second largest township in South Africa. The new BMX facility serves as a much-needed recreational facility for the township’s youth. It is a place to have fun and learn new skills in a secure environment.

After meeting the youth, take a tour of the BMX Oval before heading outside for a bike ride through the vibrant streets of the township. Getting to know the local community and learn about the culture through direct interaction with the locals is a memorable experience. End the afternoon with a tasting of a local delicacy.

This off-the-beaten-track township tour is a unique way to explore the South Africa often left off the brochures. See firsthand how bicycles are helping transform the lives of local youth.

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