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Cape Town: India Venster Half-Day Hike

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Cape Town: India Venster Half-Day Hike

Starting near to the lower cable car station, this hike will take 3-4 hours to the top. Look out for indigenous flora, like the King Protea, wander at the spectacular rock formations, like the India Venster (“Window” in Afrikaans) and witness views as far as the eye can see, taking in Robben Island and the whole of Table Bay. False Bay and surrounding mountains are also visible from the top.

If this is all the hike you need then a cable car ride down to the bottom can be done at this point.

If you still have some adventure left in you, then walk across the Table Top towards Maclears Beacon (the highest point on Table Mountain). This will take an extra 1-2 hours. Then you can return along the top to the cable car and take your ride down.

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