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Cape Town: Table Mountain 4-Hour Hiking Adventure

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Cape Town: Table Mountain 4-Hour Hiking Adventure

Get picked up from your place in Cape Town, then taken on a 4-hour adventure up the India Venster trail of Table Mountain. It involves a hike over varied and interesting terrain that includes 4 rock pitches, where you’ll need to use your hands and feet to climb up. Your guide will tell you exactly where to put your hands and feet to make the rock pitches easier for you to manage.

The only real requirement is that you do not have a serious fear of heights, as there are some exposed parts. You’ll also need a bit of upper body strength to pull yourself up in certain spots. Your guide will help you every step of the way. 

This route is not only beautiful, but it’s lots of fun as well. Along most of the route you’ll have spectacular views of the scene below, and at the last section you’ll wrap around to the Camps Bay or Atlantic Ocean side of the mountain to see even more!

After reaching the top and enjoying the views, you’ll descend via cable car. If the cableway is closed due to high winds, you’ll take the Platteklip Gorge route down, which adds around 2.5 hours to the hike.

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