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Cape Town Traditional Food Tour

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Cape Town Traditional Food Tour

As you travel, learn how South Africa’s heritage stems from all over the world, including the Middle and Far East and Europe. Hear about some of the traditional dishes created by the indigenous people of Africa, and discover how colonization, slavery and immigration influenced the food of the Mother City. 

Throughout the course of your tour, stop at three or more eateries to get a feel for the country’s distinctively varied cuisine. Perhaps stop first at a street-side cafe or restaurant in Bokaap, below Signal Hill. Also known as the Malay Quarter, the neighborhood is famous for its brightly colored houses. Learn how Cape Malay cuisine is a fusion of Malaysian, Javanese, Dutch and Khoekhoe ingredients, and discover the spices used to produce the dishes’ unique flavors. Then, maybe try some local street food before continuing on to one of Cape Town’s townships, such as Langa or Guguletu, for a taste of loxion food. Visit a local’s home to taste a selection of staple dishes that might include umngqusho (traditional Xhosa dish made with samp and beans),  umleqwa (farm-reared chicken), all said to have been favorites of Nelson Mandela. After around four hours, your tour concludes back at the original start point.

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