The Gang Explores a Volcano- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 13

Follow the crew of SV Delos as we sail the South Pacific, visiting Mt. Yasur, the very active volcano located on Tanna Island in Vanuatu.

Attack of the Black Mold and the White African (Sailing Miss Lone Star) S5E03

ttack of the black mold on my little sailboat! The white African comes to save the day and help me scrub her down. I have a couple of my first big struggles during this...

Watch Schedules and Safety Across an Ocean | Sailing Wisdom

Sailing across an ocean means sailing 24 hours a day. How do you sleep and still stay safe? In this video, Maddie and Herby discuss what worked for them as they voyaged on their...

Shake Down Sail to Anguilla (Sailing Miss Lone Star) S4E02

We Sail from St. Maarten to Anguilla on our very first sail aboard SV Mahalo a 40 foot Catamaran. We hitchhike across the island to one of the most beautiful beachesI have ever seen!!...

From Cape Town: Winelands & Wildlife Safari 3-Day Adventure

Start your day among rustic fruit orchards and country gardens of Babylonstoren Estate, where heady, herby smells are carried on the breeze and plump fruits hang ripe on trees. Then it’s off...

Morty and Sammy’s Final Day on the Trip | Sailing Wisdom Ep 56

Herby drops off the sail for maintenance and Maddie does chores. When Herby returns, humans and pets go for a long walk and try to enjoy their last hours together before the parents come....

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar

Our first adventure in van life was climbing the #RockofGibraltar!! Lou and I have been looking at the Rock of #Gibraltar for over 5 months while working on Ody in the small town of...

THE STORM (Part 1) | Sailing Wisdom Ep 61

We are hove to for 3 days in a storm that only grows worse before serious damage makes it imperative that we attempt to seek safe harbor.

How to Raise a Mast Without a Crane | Sailing Wisdom Ep 115

We help a fellow cruiser (Emily) from DinghyDreams raise her mast. We raised her deck stepped mast without the use of a crane., instead using another boat and several control lines. Those involved in...

UNCHARTED Rivers of Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.187

Senor Brady sums this episode up perfectly, “This is my favorite, going into a place where you’re really not supposed to be and thats uncharted. It’s really fun!” Come along as we take Delos...