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Where would you like to Gnu?

The Eels at Kizimkazi, Zanzibar

I hope you like my dive posts, I enjoy filming them! Conger and Moray eels grow to over 2 metres long, mainly they hunt at night and when their teeth are caught in your flash light they look like they are made of glass. These are a few shots of them in day light so…
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30/01/2018 0

Wadi Shab, Oman

Wadi Shab is a fantastic place to visit.  You will need gook hiking shoes for this as its very rocky.  If going during the months of June to September, ensure you have plenty of water and a sun hat and sunscreen. My hike started with a 2 minutes boat trip and I was dropped off…
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09/12/2017 0


KENYA! Kenya is a land of variety, from the shores of lake Victoria where you are able to enjoy beautiful views and meet beautiful people, see the wildlife in the area, enjoy a walk in the indigenous forest of western Kenya, to the Great rift valley and up North in the semi desert. Kenya really…
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Massive trip across ARGENTINA “The quick edit”

I’m starting my trip across Argentina, here’s what the editing looks like and here’s my itinerary… Hope to see you on the road for coffee

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Swimming with a Wild Dolphin in Amble!

Our birthdays are in the first few days of the year, our dear and thoughtful son (as a birthday gift) offered to take us on a trip we would never forget! The fog was chokingly thick and you could barely see 20ft in front of your face. This was in Shepshed and what lay in…
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Diving in Zanzibar

This is my job and my passion. Here in Zanzibar the water is as clear as gin. The temperature is almost perfect and we don’t suffer that “dived out” thing you get in the med and Barrier Reef. When you come here you can check me out, the coffee is always on. If you only…
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02/12/2017 1

Greatruaha National Park

Again! A little more serious for you adventurers… It takes more time and more patience to see the really rare animals in the park. They are not there for you they are really wild and each trip is completely different. Of course we have been doing this for nearly 30 years and we know the…
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Selous National Game park

Selous is a chance to see the real “Wild”, You should be aware that you may get closer to the animals in the part and that some of the trip is on foot and boat! Its also worth bearing in mind that you could see animals “Snacking ” on other animals. Enjoy! This is a…
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