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Where would you like to Gnu?

Qesham Adventure Day 2 and 3

Sleep on a concrete floor can leave a healthy girl feeling stiff, so I decided less sleep was best.  We all stayed up late the night before and had an early 6.15am start but no body looked tired at the breakfast table. Breakfast was delightful.  There was more delicious local Iranian bread which was thin…
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The Delos Boeing 747 8 Series wide bodied Jet

If you want real inspiration on changing your life style take a look at the “Delos” page on YouTube! We support these guys on Patreon and it is the best $5 of the week! One day the GNU will set sail on a similar mission to encourage film makers, photographers and musicians. Keep…
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Quesham Island, Iran

Qesham Day 1 This was an organized trip through a Dubai based adventure travel company.  It was the perfect weekend get away and left me feeling invigorated. Day 1 started with meeting up at Costa, Dubai International Airport Terminal 2.  I was relieved that the group seemed “normal”! We made it to Gesham airport safe…
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Nepal The Golden Triangle

I travelled from Delhi Airport to Kathmandu Nepalese capital ,had dinner at famous:Rum Doodle : Restaurant where a Sherpa gave us a talk,he had climbed Mt Everest 18 times . In the morning went to the old city :Durbar Square;including temple and pagodas,In one of the smaller temples saw a young priestess 11yrs ,she was…
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Our New Boeing 747 has arrived at Geneva

It s a big step but I knew we would have to make it one day. Were at 30 Travel Gnu’s now and its all out to get to 1000. I think you will agree she is an amazing CGI generated plane? It is the work of our Design Gnu’s who have loads more under…
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Amazing marine life in Nungwi Zanzibar

The marine life is Zanzibar, it is world class. I have prepared some shots with some of my usual boys. Especially careful with lobster, tuna and turtles. Leave me any comments and do not forget to support the team by booking your hotels in our box below

I’ve been to Bali

Bali was on my bucket list since I can remember and one September I decided I would spend my birthday week there and off I went.  All very last minute but I figured if I book to stay somewhere pretty central I could figure out a nice itinerary. I stayed at the Puri Sunia Resort…
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Day trip to Ajman

Ajman is not really a tourist city but it is going through a period of growth and definitely worth a visit.  Some of the things to do there include shopping at the Abaya Mall and China Mall, a meal at Al Roof restaurant overlooking the ocean and try a shisha after, walk along the Cornish,…
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You may know that i’m not really one person but a group of Spanish speaking Gnu’s? We all answer to the cheif… He says that he makes you look good but really its the teams of Gnu’s like me that do the work…Your Welcome!

The Web Witch

I like to to stay in the Uk, All those places that get overlooked. i love the east coast and am never happier that when I’m camping on the sand.

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