Underway to La Cruz

After spending four days waiting for a weather window to round Cabo Corrientes we are finally northbound! We departed Tenacatita at 8:00AM and after an overnight passage should arrive tomorrow in the wee hours...

london Fire works at the Eye tg10

An amazing view of the London eye seeing in the New Year... Really great ! Join us and film, perform and enjoy give up the 9 to 5 and make your passion your life

The Web Witch

I like to to stay in the Uk, All those places that get overlooked. i love the east coast and am never happier that when I'm camping on the sand.

The Giants Causeway ...

Well, there are two lines of thought on that one. The first involves a certain giant by the name of Finn McCool (also known as Fionn mac Cumhaill). Giant fights Finn is having trouble...

Phil Collins at the NEC Birmingahm Arena

What a great performance!! "Not Dead yet" certainly not mr Collins. you are the best !

Swimming with a Wild Dolphin in Amble!

Our birthdays are in the first few days of the year, our dear and thoughtful son (as a birthday gift) offered to take us on a trip we would never forget! The fog was chokingly...

Super cars in London

A couple of minutes of the most expensive cars in the world being driven oround the UK's capital city London.

Casino’s and gambling clubs in London Video

All the best casino's in London with a catchy up beat sound track

Jura and the Western Isles Scotland

The western Isles are from a time gone by! If you listen really well you can hear William Wallace on the wind. My half a dozen trips were sailing the VIC 32 steam ship...