“A nation divided by a common language”
In the Uk with think of them as our allies….. I think it is summed up in the film “Love Actually” We have a special relationship with our brothers and sisters in the states!


How Rigging Doctor Began | Sailing Wisdom

Ever wonder how your favorite Youtube Channel started? How it came to be? Herby and Maddie take a look down memory lane to talk about how they started Rigging Doctor!

Merry Christmas from Rigging Doctor

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The $1 Boat Becomes a Blue Water Cruiser (This is how)

We are refitting a oat we bought for just 1 dollar. yes a one dollar boat that we will sail and show the world that you can do whatever you set your mind too....

Welcome to New York City

In the New York City Trailer, we've cut together parts from the next 6 videos, coming soon! The series will focus on small business owners (many with businesses based in Williamsburg and Bushwick Brooklyn,...

Vegan Hot Dogs in NYC

In this video we look at how Marina's business "Yeah Dawg" is bringing vegan hot dogs onto the streets of New York City.

Religion, Vegan Fasting, and Bartending in Brooklyn

In this video we spend the day with Sinedu as she commutes from Harlem to Bunna Café in Bushwick. She moved to NYC from Ethiopia, but remains dedicated to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, a religion...

Are Tattoos Vegan?

In this video we talk with Gristle Tattoo owner Dina about running her own vegan small business in Brooklyn, NY. If you're wondering why a tattoo isn't normally vegan then tune in to hear...

What to Expect for your First Colonic

In this video we talk with Colon Therapy NYC owner Cassie about running her own small business, and the many health benefits of colon hydrotherapy. Colonics can play a huge role in digestive health...

Love Trumps Hate (Snippet 22)

This was a tough week, so I am very grateful that we have our weekly video date to hold us accountable and in this case help us work through everything that we were feeling...

Home (Snippet 23)

There is something so special about returning home. Whether you've been gone for a weekend, for months, or even for years, coming back to where you grew up is unlike anything else. When we...