Time on Delos- By Jesse

Time is an interesting thing. I remember being a young boy watching the clock when 1 hour seemed like an eternity. When driving up the coast to Brisbane was a marathon and the summer...

Living cheap as in the Philippines! -By Brady

“So, what do you guys want to do for dinner?”  Brian asked as Delos sat comfortably in Fannie bay in Darwin.   “I don’t know bro. Where can we go where we wont spend $50...

Sailing Wisdom: The Chesapeake Bay | Ep 2

Maddie and Herby make their way through the Chesapeake Bay as they head to Worton.

Red Bull Races on the Swan River in Perth

It was one of those afternoons when Tony said to me ” If you’ve not got much on I’ve been invited to see the Red Bull flying team racing!”Well I had nothing on and...

Alaska It’s Cold outside!

We set Sail for Alaska from Vancouver going on the Inside Passage, and saw some exquisite scenery of mainly forests along the way...

Blue Hole and Snorkelling Fun | Sailing Wisdom Ep 121

We explore the island where we’re anchored.

Gansbaai and Big 5 Sea Safari Full-Day Tour from Cape Town

Admire scenic coastline views on the drive from Cape Town to Gansbaai. Head out into Walker Bay on a 2-hour sea safari in search of the Big 5.

Charleston | Sailing Wisdom Ep 100!!!

We row into town and bike around to explore the beautiful town of Charleston!

Blowin’ in the wind — by Erin

If the answer truly is blowin’ in the wind, then we should be genius by now. Last night there was quite a gale: 45 knots of wind in Barra de Navidad (some boats are reporting they saw 56 knots). North of here, in Banderas Bay, they saw 75 knots.

The Plans They Are A’Changing! -By Brian

A definite bonus of traveling like Delos does is the freedom and flexibility you get.  The ability to be spontaneous, to not be tied down, to just live in the moment is what makes...

Jais Sledder

Mohamed bin salem mosque

World Famous Coffee Museum

Expo City

Dubai Miracle Garden

Sky Dive

Sky View

Blue Water Dining