Hire a Super Car in Dubai

Here is the complete range of cars we have available in Dubai Tell us when you want your car and which model and we have your back.. supercars@travelgnu If you don't see what you want just ask...

Hire the Rolls Royce Wraith in Dubai

Tell us when you want your car and which model and we have your back.. Rolls Royce Wraith has a superpower engine that can give maximum power. With a fuel tank capacity of 83 and...

Hire the Rolls Royce Ghost In Dubai

You will never forget driving a Rolls Royce! Hire for a couple of days and take the road out of the city to the north. You will be in the city and then the...

Hire A Rolls Royce Dawn in Dubai

The most stunning range of Super cars available in the UAE! It doesn't matter if your interested in a Roll Royce or a Ferrari All you need to do is drop us and email...

Summer Camp in Tenacatita By Brian

9:00AM, any day of the week, VHF channel 22:...

Exodus from Tenacatita

We woke up early this morning to the news of the earthquake in Chile and the Pacific Tsunami warning issued by NOAA.

Zen and the Art of Staying in One Place — By Erin

I’m sitting at one of the eight tables that form a circle around the bar at The Sands Hotel, overlooking the pool.

Blowin’ in the wind — by Erin

If the answer truly is blowin’ in the wind, then we should be genius by now. Last night there was quite a gale: 45 knots of wind in Barra de Navidad (some boats are reporting they saw 56 knots). North of here, in Banderas Bay, they saw 75 knots.

Dinghy vs. Car – by Erin

A few months before we left Seattle, Stephan, the previous owner of our boat who sailed it nearly around the world, drove down from Bellingham to help us with a few boat projects.

Barra de Navidad- by Rebecca

Delos was anchored in the Barra Lagoon which is about a 10 minute dingy ride from Barra de Navidad.