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Where would you like to Gnu?

A new beginning — posted by Erin

Over the weekend I suffered from a bout of the stomach flu. I’ll spare you the graphic details, but as I was sitting on the cold bathroom floor, awaiting the next onset, I started to think about the cycles in life. How what we put into our bodies will eventually come out—one way or another.…
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Annyong! Welcome to our new blog!

Brian and I are starting a blog to keep y’all in the loop about living on our boat and preparing ourselves (and the boat) for a few years at sea. We’ll share with you our plans, progress, frustrations, and general musings. Our goal is to untie the dock lines on September 1, 2009 and sail…
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Fear and loathing in Seattle — posted by Erin

As kids, we’re supposed to believe that we can do anything. The old adage, “You can do anything you set your mind to,” grows as familiar as a favorite pair of Levis after hearing it repeated by our teachers, church pastors and, if we’re lucky, our parents. But no matter how often we’re reminded of…
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Six months to go — posted by Erin

Today is the six-months-to-go-until-we-set-sail-into-the-vast-unknown-called-the-Pacific-Ocean mark. (We might have to come up with a shorter name for that.) It’s hard to believe it’s already March. Or, more accurately, it’s hard to believe Brian and I are already staring the six-month mark in the eyes. I have to admit… There are days when I have mixed feelings…
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The other night Brian and I went on a midnight photo shoot around the marina. Here’s one of our favorites.

And so it begins- Friday Harbor, WA USA — posted by Brian

On a beautiful summer day in Redmond a few years ago Erin and I made a short stop in the public library. I don’t know or remember what we were looking for, but I do know that what we found literally changed the course of our lives. We browsed the shelves looking for nothing in…
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The Search for the Perfect Boat- Port Madison, WA USA — posted by Brian

Searching for the perfect boat is a lot like looking for the perfect mate. There is searching and courtship followed by what’s hopefully a long and happy relationship. There are a wide variety of boats stretching from small dinghies to sleek racers to stout blue water cruisers. In the dating world you may take advice…
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To Cruise Or Not To Cruise- That is the Question- Princess Louisa Inlet, BC Canada — posted by Brian

A few weeks ago a buddy from high school came into town for a conference. We were sitting around one afternoon in the boat chatting about our cruising plans. I was going on and on about our preparations. The windlass was acting up, mizzen sail needed repairs, refrigeration serviced, navigation computer installed, and on and…
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Two weeks in — posted by Erin

Brian and I are two weeks into a month long exploration of British Columbia. Right now we’re anchored in Garden Bay – one of a group of small bays in Pender Harbor, a few hours north of Vancouver by car. We’re awaiting the arrival of a package that is currently making that trip – it…
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Maybe Tomorrow: Desolation Sound BC Canada — posted by Brian

We’re just over two weeks into our trip to Desolation Sound and finally starting to feel in the groove. The last few weeks before leaving were such a busy rush it took time to wind down. After spending almost a week exploring Princess Louisa we returned to Pender Harbor for provisioning and also to wait…
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