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How to Tie a Monkey Fist ???? ???? | Sailing Wisdom

The Monkey Fist is a complicated looking knot, typically used for decorative purposes, but this knot has much more practical uses as well. Aside from looking cool, it adds weight and can be used to heave a line to shore to warp a boat into its mooring. This video shows you how to tie a…
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How To Hand Crank a Diesel Motor | Sailing Wisdom

Being able to start your Diesel motor by hand is a valuable skill to have. Should your batteries die or the starter fail, hand cranking will ensure that you are able to get powered up again! In this video, Scott shows us how he hand cranks his original diesel motor in his Contessa 26.

4 Ways to Connect 2 Ropes! | Sailing Wisdom [4K]

This video will showcase and describe various ways to connect two ropes of the same size and of different sizes. The knots shown in this video are: Sheet Bend, Double Sheet Bend Double Fisherman’s Knot Acres Bend (also called the Zeppelin Bend) These knots are reviewed for their different strengths and weaknesses, offering insight into…
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