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Category: South Pacific

Where would you like to Gnu?

That One Island Where Everyone Was Wasted by Brady

I have always liked tattoos, Polynesian style in particular.  Living in Florida isn’t the best place to find a good Polynesian artist, so when I was invited on this trip one of the first things I did was start researching tattoos and artists of French Polynesia.  A name kept appearing as one of the best…
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Petroglyphs and Lost Villages, Fatu Hiva by Brian

On the passage from Mexico to the Marquesas I read two books by Thor Hyerdahl (Fatu Hiva and Kon Tiki).  In the 1930’sThor and his wife Liv left Norway and took passage to the Marquesas with the intention of finding an island where they could live outside the bounds of the civilized world- a place…
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Cave Diving- Fatu Hiva by Brian

On one of our many dinghy rides on Fatu Hiva we spotted an interesting hole cut through the rock cliff face just outside the anchorage in Hanavave.  During afternoon cocktails our friends on Mojombo mentioned an underwater cavern they spotted while spear fishing in the area.  We decided to return the next day with our…
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Cheeseburgers in Paradise by Erin

We’re currently in the third island group in French Polynesia – the Society Islands. We landed at Papeete, Tahiti, on Tuesday morning and were thrust headfirst into the biggest city we’d seen in months. Tahiti is home to 130,000 people, which isn’t big by United States standards, but it feels massive to us. There are…
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Nuku Hiva by Brady

After leaving “that one island where everyone was wasted” we had a great over night passage to Nuku Hiva, the biggest island in the Marquesas.  Our first stop there was Daniels bay which is one of the bays where survivor season four was filmed.  It’s hard to think that survival would be hard in this…
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An Atoll to Oneself by Brian

We ended up in Apataki by pure chance.  Being indecisive about the multitude of atolls in the Tuamotus we narrowed our list down to two.  A coin toss chose our course – heads for Apataki and tails for Tahanea. With our course set Delos left Nuku Hiva and controller’s bay (where survivor was filmed) and…
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Narced in Rangiroa, Tuamotus by Brian

After an overnight sail from Apataki the outline of Rangiroa slowly became visible in the dawn light.  For the last few hours we slowed Delos down to 4 knots in order to time our entry into the pass.  As we got closer to the pass we could see huge standing waves created by the volume…
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Black Pearls and Syrup Rum- Aratua Tuamotus by Brady

French Polynesia is famous for its black pearls.   Most of the pearls come from the Tuamotu atolls.  Visiting a pearl farm and getting pearls was on our list of things we wanted to do but fell behind diving, surfing and finding a remote atoll with nothing but us.  After spending a week in Apataki where…
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Tahiti to Moorea Yacht Rally by Brian

We’re not normally fans of organized cruising events, or things with fixed dates and timelines in general.  We decided to make an exception to join the Tahiti to Moorea rally though, mostly because we heard the free t-shirts were really cool.  It would be a good rendezvous to catch up with friends that we hadn’t…
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Party On in Tahiti by Brian

I’m not sure what it is about Tahiti, but everywhere we turn there seems to be  a party.  Maybe it’s the fact that most people have sailed thousands of miles  to reach this famous island.  Maybe it’s the fact that everyone has run out of beer and food by now, and for the first time…
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