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Caution: Wet Paint (Van Build 13)

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Caution: Wet Paint (Van Build 13)

Opening the back doors of the van and seeing painted walls makes me feel like Lou and I really will transform Ody into our perfect home on wheels by the end of the month. The first half of this #vanbuild felt like it might never end, from stripping out the previous owners build, to dealing with the rust and the leaky windows, to all the rain in March and April… the end of May (and the end of our rental agreement for the cottage we’ve been living in) became a ticking time bomb. But I have to say, that from the moment we finished insulating Ody, everything has been moving at lightning speed. I can’t wait to share all the other updates that have been happening in the last 10 days – kitchen, bathroom, gas, electrical – we’re learning so much and we’re happily exhausted. Also MAJOR shout out to Lou for editing this video from 8pm to midnight last night after a full day of work on the van. This man is an editing beast and I can’t believe he’s my husband : ) Love from Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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