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Complete Beginners Try to Install Plumbing (Van Build 18)

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Complete Beginners Try to Install Plumbing (Van Build 18)

A huge thank you to Acuva for sending us their Eco water filter! If you are interested in getting your own water filtration system please check out the link below to get $100 off of your first purchase. ACUVA PURIFIER: Use the discount code “WILDWEROAM” for $100 off on any purchase! ……………………………………………….. This week’s #vanbuild video is extra long!! We finish our toilet, make some cabinets, and set up the #vanplumbing under our sink. It was really exciting and tiring to transition into a new skill after we had spent so much time working on carpentry/construction. We are newbies at all this stuff, so when we switch skills it takes a little while for our brains to get into gear. A lot of research and chatting with our friends at a local campervan store, plus a few trips to replace parts, and we were finally back in business. As I’m writing you we still don’t have electrical up and running, so fingers crossed it all works fine and we installed everything without any leaks 🙂 Love from Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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