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Create To Donate Township Combo

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Create To Donate Township Combo

Combine a Camissa Township tour with this amazing project and keep the legacy of Nelson Mandela alive. Learn the art of hand looming in the heart of Cape Town’s former textile district. Discover the area’s historic importance and how it has developed into the cosmopolitan art and design hub it is today. Classes are hosted by a local small business called Elves At Work in a magical little studio in Salt River.

Choose your favourite wool colour and learn to hand loom and create a beanie which you get to donate to a local charity, school or organisation.

Experience the gift of giving by making a difference to those in need during your travel and adventure in South Africa. Elves at Work have identified charity organisations which will benefit from all products made and deliveries will be made when a basket is full. Videos and pictures will be taken for you to look at afterwards.

Book Here :Create To Donate Township Combo

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