No. 15 St Michael's Street | Observatory | Cape Town
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Where would you like to Gnu?


DIY at sea! Sailboat DIY is something you have to be ready for while sailing. Sometimes you have to use what you have and that might not be much. You might need to use all your clothing to maybe fill holes in your keel and end up sailing nude but if you are alive you are winning! A good sailor is one that can think clear in tough situations and make sure the vessel and crew are safe at all times. We are currently sailing to get as much miles as possible to up our game and sail our sailboat around the world. In this episode sailing in Cape Town South Africa we lose a shackle which if not noticed can be very dangerous!! See what we have to do to save the secure the headsail and make sure everybody is safe. We are sailing with two very experienced sailors for a tough sail toward robben island.


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