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Disaster! Replacing Campervan Windows (Van Build – Part 9)

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Disaster! Replacing Campervan Windows (Van Build – Part 9)

I feel like this week’s video is closer to a short film than to a normal youtube video!! Over 30 minutes of #vanlifedisasters as we try to take out the windows in our van and reseal them to stop some annoying leaks that have been bothering us ever since we were traveling in Prague with Ody. After watching the video back one last time to get some inspiration for this description, I couldn’t help reflect on the joy and pride that having this creative platform offers Lou and I. Each week we get to condense our reality into a video and share it with you here. There is no one telling us what we have to say, what length to make the video, or even when we have to post. Having a creative practice though doesn’t have to be a public thing and I really wish to encourage you to find your own form of expression and reflection. Whether it’s writing in a journal or learning how to play an instrument… Learning to process the world around me via our videos or through drawing has brought so much richness into my life and I can’t believe that only a few years ago I wouldn’t have ever used the word creative to describe myself. So if anyone out there is reading this and thinks that they could never do what we do, or that they don’t have anything to share with the world, I want you to really think about that and challenge your negative thinking. Everyone has a voice and everyone’s story is valid, you just have to believe in yourself enough to go for it! Trust that it’s okay to be bad when you start something new, but that if you dedicate yourself over time you never know how it could change your life. Question of the Week: Have you ever had horrible timing, but somehow your mistake transformed the situation into something better than you had imagined?? We could use all the silver lining stories out there after dealing with weeks and WEEKS of rain!! Lots of love from a rainy Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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