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Fixing Rust on Our 38 Year Old Van (Van Build – Part 6)

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Fixing Rust on Our 38 Year Old Van (Van Build – Part 6)

The van life adventures continue this week as we deal with all the rust in our 38-year old Mercedes 307D. It was a huge task as this oldy was covered in rust. From the corners under the passengers seat, to the areas covering the back tires, at some points the rust was so bad it had eaten a hole in the metal. The only way to deal with rust is to treat it directly and we’re so glad that we took the time to take everything out of the van, so we could see what was really going on on the frame. I hope you enjoy how the video turned out as much as I did 🙂 This channel really is the perfect scrapbook of our lives and it can even make me emotional thinking about how much I cherish Lou’s edits. Question of the Week: What kind of project do you love staying up late for? It was so fun to paint the van in the night and finish and look up at the stars and I am so curious what things you guys are working on! Big hugs from Spain, Dana (+ Lou)


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