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Foraging for Mushrooms in the Czech Republic – Story 17

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Foraging for Mushrooms in the Czech Republic – Story 17

The night before we set out for our big road trip to Prague, I realized that I really missed sharing other people’s story on this channel. We had so much fun when traveling in Peru getting to know different young people pursuing their passion and we did another series that was similar in New York. Lou and I have spoken a lot about how we want to bring that style back once we’re in the van because we are going to have the chance to meet so many interesting people. So the day before we left I was knee deep in researching Prague trying to figure out our itinerary and make sure we didn’t miss anything spectacular and somehow I stumbled over the fact that mushroom hunting is a huge past time in the Czech Republic. I started looking into who I could speak to about it in Prague and quickly found the guys from The Mushrooms App (…) *** it is only available for Android users at the moment. I reached out to Vojta and his enthusiasm for this project was contagious! it was clear that this app had developed into a complete passion project for him and his team. Their side hustle to make this app a reality while still keeping everything else in their life running smoothly was such an inspiration to us both. ** side note: there was some confusion last week over my jacket, so I just wanted to add this disclaimer. The jacket has fake fur made from polyester and the jacket was a hand me down from Lou’s cousin. ……………………………………………….. Question of the Week: Have you ever gone foraging for mushrooms?


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