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French Vegan Recipe with Antastesia (Emy) in Paris

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French Vegan Recipe with Antastesia (Emy) in Paris

RECIPE BELOW: If you don’t know Emy you need to go check out her YouTube Channel here: A French graduate student living in Paris, Emy is one of the most generous and open people Lou and I have ever met! We were thrilled when we found out she had time to hang with us while we were in Paris in September and she even showed us how to make some of her favorite meals inspired by her childhood growing up in Southern France. You can also buy her cooking ebook here: Recipes: Ratatouille 4 tomatoes 1 onion 3 zucchini 1 eggplant 1 red bell pepper 1 yellow bell pepper garlic fresh herbs &1 tbs olive oil Add some olive oil the pan, the sliced onion and garlic and let cook until they’re golden. Add in the bell pepper and let cook for a little more. Then add the zucchini and eggplant and let cook for 10 minutes more. Keep it on medium heat all the time. Next add the tomatoes! Cook for 40mns/1h on medium/low heat, and then serve. the cade 25g chickpea flour 1 tbs of olive oil 1/2 liter of water Mix all ingredients and then cook for 40/45 minutes at 250C ………………………………………………..


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