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Full-Day Furnas Azores 4×4 Tour from Ponta Delgada

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Full-Day Furnas Azores 4×4 Tour from Ponta Delgada

Travel from Ponta Delgada to Furnas Azores on a full-day 4×4 tour on the island of São Miguel. Furnas Azores has a history of volcanic activity that has left behind a legacy of particularly impressive natural geysers, hot springs, calderas, and fumaroles.

Along the way, you will visit a number of locations with stunning landscapes and unique and intriguing features, such as Vila Franca do Campo, where you can see the famous islet, a tea factory, and views from various spots. Upon arriving at Furnas Azores, admire the lake and its geysers, which are surrounded by lush nature.

It’s also possible to try the famous cozido for lunch, a type of a stew cooked by the heat of the fumaroles, which will be served at a traditional restaurant.

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