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Full Day Nordeste Tour

Where would you like to Gnu?

Full Day Nordeste Tour

Picking you up from your hotel or accommodation, visit first the Ribeira dos Caldeiroes. A location known for the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. Admire along the way, the beauty of the small floral parishes. Take a moment to breathe in one of the most magnificent viewpoints at Nordeste.

Highlighting the beauty of the northern side of the island. You will visit the Gorrena Tea Factory, where you can taste the delicious local tea varieties. Then visit the mesmerizing waterfalls of Ribeira dos Caldeiroes.

Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Povoacao village, the first place of settlement on the island. Then visit the Furnas and Calderas areas, known for the volcanic qualities. Visit the lovely lagoons of Furnas while in the area. Then return via the south coast of the island, where you can take moments to stop and appreciate the unique beauty of San Miguel, before being delivered back to your point of choosing.

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