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Full Day Tour of Sao Miguel Azores

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Full Day Tour of Sao Miguel Azores

Experience a unforgettable tour of the island of Sao Miguel Azores. Visit four places of interest and much more in one day, just sit back open your window and smell the fresh air of paradise.

Along the way you will hear the history of the island, and learn about the locals and what they do on the island for fun. This all in one tour will be guided by a local expert with many years of experience.

Starting the day traveling to Sete Cidades along the beautiful road with flowers and trees and pure nature. You will then stop at its viewpoint, Miraduro Vista do Rei with a breathtaking view to the twin lakes. Next, your tour will take you to the mountains to enjoy the view over the gorgeous Lagoa do Fogo. Following on, you will discover Caldeira Velha, a protected nature reserve, which allows you to take a bath enjoying the warm water from a waterfall.

Continuing the tour, you will enjoy the amazing view over Furnas valley and a stop will be made at Pico de Ferro’s viewpoint. Arriving to the town of Furnas you will see some volcanic phenomena, known as fumaroles. You will have a lunch and eat the delicious and famous stew, Cozido das Furnas, a gastronomic dish of Azores, naturally cooked underground. After lunch, a stop in Furnas lake to learn the traditional cooking process of the Furnas stew and take a walk near the beautiful lake.

Thereafter, tea time begins with a visit to Gorreana tea plantation and its factory. You will taste two kinds of tea: black and green. Before you finish the tour, you will drive to Vila Franca do Campo, the first capital of Sao Miguel, located in the south coast and then drive along the wonderfull beachs of the island.

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