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Furnas Tour: Seeing Coastal and Volcano Views

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Furnas Tour: Seeing Coastal and Volcano Views

Tour the best that Furnas has to offer. Bath in hot springs, visit beautiful botanical garden Terra Nostra, and explore the ‘Cozidos’ area, eating traditional foods cooked underground for lunch.

Start the tour on the south coast of the island, stopping at several viewpoints along the way. Visit the Furnas calderas to see a big part of the volcanic activity. See the many ways the energy form the volcano is used through the community. After lunch, taste some local liqueurs of the region. On the way back, stop at the beautiful viewpoints of the island. As the final stop, taste some tea at the local Gorreana Tea Factory, before being returned.
This tour is available in a full day and a half day tour. The full day tour includes a traditional local lunch and a the visit to the local Gorreana Tea Factory.

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