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Getting our van OUT OF THE MUD! (Van Build – Part 3)

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Getting our van OUT OF THE MUD! (Van Build – Part 3)

Our van Ody got stuck in the mud on a really steep hill for a couple days. We tried deflating the tires, we tried putting gravel and sticks under them, we rigged up a rope to pull him out, and after none of that worked it was time to get serious. Snow chains, check, wench, check, all systems go! ……………………………………………….. Spoiler Alert: So keep reading here if you’ve finished the video ; ) After getting pulled out by Fabi and his friend (thank you guys!) we had some time to reflect on the whole ordeal and the lessons we’ve learned: 1. Ody cannot reverse uphill on a slippery surface because he’s a rear wheel drive and the engine is in the front so all of the weight won’t be on the back wheels. This was especially true in this situation, but because we actually have to reverse uphill on a gravel road just to get into the donkey pen where we are building we’ve realized he can hardly do that as well on a packed gravel road. So reversing uphill should be avoided whenever possible. 2. Snow chains are awesome, and I’m actually pretty good at putting them on now after doing it a dozen or so times during this experience. 3. A wench will only work if the rope you’re using doesn’t flex the way climbing rope does, you need cable or robe with zero stretch. 4. Sometimes you can’t do everything yourself, and you need to ask for help. 5. Never underestimate the kindness of complete strangers. Question of the week: Did you get the newsletter, and what kind of stories would you like to hear about in the future? Any and all ideas newsletter related would be great to hear : ) Love from Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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