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Goodbye Alfie

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Goodbye Alfie

We met a woman recently who says that animals pick you, you don’t pick them… I’m not sure if she is right, but all I know is that our time spent on the top of the mountain in Casares building our van will always be defined by the companionship, love, and entertainment from our life with Alfie. He was a wild spirit from the moment we met him, running free in the mountains, chasing donkeys, barking through the night, but as time progressed he became part of our little family. Waking up each morning he was right there waiting for the day’s adventure. The excitement he had when we walked back up to the cottage from the donkey pen, with the hopes that I would continue the walk and go for a big loop up in the hills was one of the cutest things in the world. He made us feel needed and the thing I’ve realized on the road is how much I needed him. He made tough times during the build a joy and as we’ve slowly become more adjusted to the road and seen so many other van dwellers with their beautiful pups in tow… well who knows how things will shake out in our future? Thank you for being part of the journey with us. This was a bit of an emotional video and I hope you can understand why not taking Alfie with us right now (while painful) is the right choice for our lifestyle. Love from Gibraltar, Dana (& Lou)


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