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Hermanus Whale Watching & Wine Tasting Full-Day Private Tour

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Hermanus Whale Watching & Wine Tasting Full-Day Private Tour

This full-day combination of the Hermanus region of South Africa’s Western Cape combines a boat trip to see the magnificent Southern Right Whale, and a trip to a wine estate to sample 4-5 wines. 

Departing from Cape Town, head to the Cape Peninsula to look for Southern Right Whale. The mighty mammals frequent the local waters from May through December. With an estimated population of around 12,000 creatures throughout the Southern Hemisphere, hundred visit Hermanus, capital of the Cape whale coast, annually.

The gorgeous animals can grow to lengths of up to approximately 60 feet (18 meters) and weigh a staggering 80 tons. A baleen whale, they have baleen plates for filtering food from the water and are easily identified by the “V” shaped blow caused when they breathe out.

After your exciting whale watching boat tour, climb back on land and head for a wine estate in the Hermanus region. Described as the Riviera of the South, it is the cool maritime climate and soil composition that make Hermanus such fertile land for growing vines.

Get the chance to stop for lunch at the wine estate and sample 4-5 wines. Then, it is back on the scenic road to Cape Town, through wild and remote ravines and rugged coastline of the False Bay.

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