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Hilarious Day Fixing Our Van (Van Build – Part 8)

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Hilarious Day Fixing Our Van (Van Build – Part 8)

I have to admit I didn’t think patching the holes in our old van would be such an adventure, but it turned out to be a hilarious day of work. I’m really happy we got them all sorted because it will be so much nicer when we put in our floor in a few weeks to know that we have done what we can to make sure the rust and hole situation is all taken care of to the best of our ability. Also, big announcement!! We’re doing our first Q&A video next week, but it will only be released in our weekly newsletter – so if you’re aren’t subscribed please join us Instead of the normal question of the week, please leave us all your questions for us in the comments!! It can be about anything 🙂 Lots of love from a rainy Spain, Dana (& Lou)


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