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Home (Snippet 23)

Where would you like to Gnu?

Home (Snippet 23)

There is something so special about returning home. Whether you’ve been gone for a weekend, for months, or even for years, coming back to where you grew up is unlike anything else. When we lived in NYC, Lou and I would often take the train out to visit my family in Connecticut and would always make time to get to the beach. This place holds so many of my dearest memories. From time I spent there building sand castles with my brothers, to where I went to my first summer camp, to where I later worked as a camp counselor. I’ve run town 5ks here, had birthday breakfasts here, countless hours spent walking with my mother… but this week when we drove in as the sun was rising I felt like I was seeing it with new eyes. I’m not sure if it’s the meditating that we’ve been doing over the past 6 months, or maybe just how I’ve matured spending time abroad, but either way being able to slow down and take in this moment and realize how fortunate I was to grow up with access to beauty like this makes me feel even more excited to be spending the holidays at home. So for this week’s question: What is your beach? Where do you go to clear your mind? To feel connected?


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