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Homeless Sailor, Boat Repossessed (SAILING MISS LONE STAR) S3E04

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Homeless Sailor, Boat Repossessed (SAILING MISS LONE STAR) S3E04

I find myself alone on my 405M Beneteau, after a domestic violence incident with my husband. I am not going to give up sailing because the worst happened in my marriage. The boat was on a lease to own contract with Massachusetts Maritime. When My husband realised that I was not going to take him back, he called the Maritime institute and convinced them that I was not capable to captain the boat on my own and that they should remove it from me. They showed up and gave me two hours to move off of my vessel. My only home that held all of my dreams and worldly possessions. I was heart broken. Thankfully I had a friend in the harbour that let me move the few things I had to time to collect off of my boat and onto his. My only other choice would have been on the dock in the rain. I took a sail down south on my friends boat as crew racing down to beat Hurricane Mathew to Norfolk Virginia. From there I would make a plan.


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