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Inktober: Day 3 – Van Life Edition (2018)

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Inktober: Day 3 – Van Life Edition (2018)

Inktober Day 3 was my favorite so far!! We got to explore Óbidos – a small Portuguese city that is completely encircled by a huge stone wall and filled with busloads of friendly old tourists 🙂 The biggest take away I had from the day’s exploration was the importance of looking for a good spot to draw when it comes to urban sketching. We wandered all over the wall and I get seeking out the best vantage point, but there was no place to sit and tons of people walking by, so when we stumbled upon a secluded garden I knew this was the best place!! I can’t believe how well Lou captured the emotion of the day. I hope that your Inktober advertures are off to a marvelous start! I can’t wait to share the next drawing with you. With love, Dana (& Lou)


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