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Installing the Gas Tank (Van Build 17)

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Installing the Gas Tank (Van Build 17)

It’s interesting how Lou is transforming all the footage into these specific #vanbuild topics like – the toilet, the bed frame, or today’s gas tank. In reality, we were working on so many different things and doing so much in the last 45 days of the build that it all seems like a blur now. We had a list of things to accomplish and just woke up every morning hoping to tackle more than we had been able to the day before. I have to admit though if it wasn’t for Alfie I don’t think I would have made it through our time in Spain in one piece. He brought so much playfulness to a sometimes tense mad-dash to finish Ody before our lease was up. I miss waking up and having him greet us and running through the mountains with him, but I’m happy he can keep living out his country life dream. Travel is such a strange thing because you get to experience so many new things, grow to love them, and then just like that you leave them behind. It really has pushed me to live in the moment because you never know how long a certain experience will last as there is always another adventure to experience. Love from Spain, Dana (& Lou) Question of the Week: In the middle of the video, you hear a tiny soundbite from one of our favorite podcasts. Do you know which one it is? (Hint: It’s a group of funny Brits)


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