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Intermission (Snippet 35)

Where would you like to Gnu?

Intermission (Snippet 35)

Lou just finished the edit and its 9:12 on Tuesday night and I asked him how he’s feeling and despite being exhausted from pushing through way more than is humanely possible to accomplish get this video out on time, he is sad. Sad to be ending this streak of videos we’ve created, sad to be taking a break from YouTube, but to be honest there is also a great deal of joy inside us that comes from letting go. We know that with space from our second home here on the internet there will be a great deal of time to move towards our dreams. We want to build our first home together and that takes a lot of focus and preparation, so we appreciate your support and understanding as we focus our energy elsewhere for the moment… If you want to stay in touch with us (and we’d love that!!) please join our mailing list. You can sign up here:… We love creating here and hope to be back as soon as possible! Much love, Dana ………


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